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Makatab is an innovative solution for Engineering Offices

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Smart Access Technology located in the Kingdom of Bahrain is providing superior IT and related services specialized in reliable and flexible ERP Solutions for growing and developing industries. Smart Access Technology is a company focusing on Micro and Small Enterprises looking for fully integrated economic and feasible solutions to quickly move away from current manual processes to fully integrated business solutions.

Experience Matters

Having experience in designing products for various industries exactly as per there needs.


Fast & Easy

Designed to make your work efficient, easy as well as quick to generate better results.

Dashing Display

Quick view Dashboard displaying each and every task on a well layout ed single screen.


The most productive and customer centric company fulfilling every customized needs for every industry.

Cloud based solutions

Our Product connects your marketing, sales, accounting, HR, Customer Support and more everything at a single place with an add-on of giving an integrated communication channel to collaborate with vendors, colleagues, and customers. Our Company has a team of various experienced engineers striving to make your office work easy and efficient.

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Every business owner, whether running a big enterprise or a small startup, strives to achieve efficiency. This is an important goal as research indicates inefficiency costs an organization up to 30% of their revenue each year. Moreover, it also wastes time and...

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